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Convenience, quality,
and beauty

A kitchen can always benefit from more convenience. The skilled craftsmen at Valley Custom Door® make the most of creative design and limited space to create range hoods and appliance garages that add warmth as well as convenience. The same broad array of standard and custom wood choices, details and finishes on our cabinetry applies to our appliance garages, wood hoods and fireplace mantels, too.

Please remember that all finishes shown on this site are representative and may not be an exact match to the finish on actual products. Other wood species, finishes and profiles are available in addition to those shown.

Appliance Garages

Our appliance garages are custom-built to your size specifications. Either style is available using a roll-up tambor or a door to match.

AG Angled

AG Straight

Wood Hoods

Our wood hoods are available in standard sizes and can also be custom-built to your size specifications.



Solid Bread Board

Each bread board is 23-1⁄2" deep with one solid Oak end and one solid Maple end, cut to your specified width.

Fireplace Mantels and surrounds

Top off the focal point of any room with a beautiful, custom fireplace mantle. Or for an even bolder look, choose from our seven standard custom-build fireplaces and surround designs. Each custom-built to your size specifications and finished to compliment and enhance your entire room.










Wine Rack Lattice

Wine rack lattice is in stock in Red Oak, Hard Maple, Cherry, Alder and Hickory. The lattice itself is 7⁄16″ x 7⁄16″ thick and the frame is also 7⁄16″ thick. Prices per square foot include the 2-piece (front and back) framed wine rack. If size needed exceeds 23″ x 42″, call for a custom quote. Prefinish costs are figured by the square foot.

• Minimum size: 7-1⁄2″ x 7-1⁄2″
• Maximum size: 23″ x 42″
• Openings are 3-3⁄4″ x 3-3⁄4″

Wine Bottle Shelf

Custom-made to your specified width, our wine bottle shelf is finished and shipped in two pieces. The front piece is 1-1⁄2″ tall, the back piece is 2-1⁄4″ tall and the thickness of both pieces is 3/4″. The number of bottle spaces will be dependent on the width. Minimum width is 5-1⁄2″.

Lazy Susans

Designed by Rev-A-Shelf® and made of Maple using a 5/8″ thick high-density multi-ply tray and 1″ high solid wood rim that’s protected with a UV-cured clear coat finish. Pre-assembled with swivel bearing and stop included. Each tray is sold separately, not in pairs.