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Limitless choices to customize your selections.

No compromises! You get the benefit of our commitment to offering a wide array of finish options. Our standard finishes meet most project needs and provide a great match for much existing woodwork. Plus, our limitless custom finish choices mean you can offer a truly unique end product or match any established color pallet. Choose a wood, stain or paint and hand-applied glaze combination for one-of-a-kind interior design. If you have a finish in mind, contact our artisans and let us turn inspiration into a beautiful custom creation.

Please remember that all finishes shown on this site are representative and may not be an exact match to the finish on actual products. Other wood species, finishes, and profiles are available in addition to those shown.

Custom Matched Finishes

We can custom match almost any stain or paint color to a sample you provide. The stain sample you provide should be on the wood species required for the match. If we are matching a paint color, we may be able to reference the color from the manufacturer’s color name and identification number. If not, we will require that you provide us with an actual painted sample in order for us to formulate the color. The color sample will generally be shipped to you within 5 business days.

Vintage Finish

Available on stained products. The item is first stained using your specified color then the face side is covered entirely with a black stain and rubbed off randomly to reveal the stained surface beneath. We require that a sample door be ordered with each job for customer approval.

Brushed Glaze

Available as a standard finish on painted products only. The glaze will be sprayed on and brushed leaving a subtle, even coat of glaze on the face side of the item. Not all brushed glazes are available on all paint colors, so please check the pre-finish price table to see if the paint/brushed glaze combination you want is a standard combination for us. We will require that a sample door be ordered for all non-standard finish combinations for approval.


Expert distressing adds character, warmth and charm to solid wood cabinets and drawer fronts. Our unique method means you can select the technique and level of distressing you prefer on your solid wood product. The distressed marks you choose are placed randomly on the face of the solid wood to achieve an aged appearance.

Hand Wiped Glaze

Available on stained or painted products, the glaze is sprayed on and wiped off with a soft cloth leaving behind traces of glaze in the corners and profiled areas. Using more detailed profiles allows for more of the glazing to remain after being wiped.

Not all hand wiped glazes are available on all stain and paint colors, so please check the pre-finish price table to see if the stain/glaze combination you want is a standard combination for us. We will require that a sample door be ordered for all non-standard finish combinations for approval.

Distressing Techniques

1. Nicks, Dents, Screw Marks: Technique of striking the entire wood surface randomly with tools to create the effect of wear over time.

2. Corner Wear: Sanding technique used to soften the corners of door frames and panels before finish is applied.

3. Worm Holes: Random placement of small round divots in wood creating the effect of insect penetrations that naturally occur in wood.

4. Simulated Cracks: Hand made slits following the direction of the grain placed toward the outer panel edges and frames. Simulated cracks appear on some but not all pieces with some parts having more than one in various lengths for a natural look.

5. Rasping: This technique will randomly place marks on the raised profiles and outside edges to simulate severe wear.

6. Heirloom Rub-Thru: The profiles on the face side are rubbed through to expose the raw wood underneath simulating natural wear that would occur over time.

Our Finish Process

Real wood’s natural beauty is revealed during the finishing process. The stain color you select, combined with the grade of the wood species, affects the overall look of the finished product. Each wood species has characteristics that make it unique from all others. Unless otherwise specified, your order will be made using our Standard Grade wood.

• All stained products are hand-wiped unless otherwise noted and top-coated using a catalyzed conversion varnish with UV inhibitor added to protect against discoloration.

• We offer two gloss finishes: Satin (30-35 sheen) or Matte (15-20 sheen).

• Due to the nature of wood, there will be a certain degree of color and grain variation between the color sample and the finished product. These variations are considered natural characteristics of wood and are standard throughout the industry.

• We recommend a post-catalyzed, solvent based enamel primer when using our paint.