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Our wood selection allows for true customization.

Please remember that all finishes shown on this site are representative and may not be an exact match to the finish on actual products. Other wood species, finishes and profiles are available in addition to those shown; please contact your customer service representative for more information.

Click a species to reveal details on color/appearance and various grade information.

Birch Red
Birch White
Hickory Calico
Oak Red
Oak Red—Quarter Sawn
Oak Red—Rift
Oak White
Oak White—Quarter Sawn
Oak White—Rift
Paint Grade
Pine White—Clear
Pine White—Knotty
Red Grandis

Wood Grades

Standard Grade—Uniform in color (except for Hickory) and well suited for most light to medium-dark stain applications; each door is selected for uniform color and graining.

Premium Grade—Hand-selected to ensure superior color and grain match on the face of the doors; recommended when using a natural or very light sprayed on stain.

Rustic Grade—For solid wood doors and drawer fronts only; variations include mineral streaks, sap and heartwood; knots are common but will be structurally sound.

Paint Grade—May have extreme color and grain variations with mineral streaks and heartwood; to prevent cracking, we recommend an MDF panel for painted finishes rather than solid wood.

Value Grade—For price-sensitive projects; best for medium to dark finishes; a mixture of sap and light heartwood blended throughout as well as natural mineral streaks. *Not available on all species